This Misprinted New Fiver Sold for a Ridiculous £1,669

By Tom Pritchard on at

Those new five pound notes are popping up more and more these days, with one even landing in my own cash-loathing wallet. But next time you get one in your hands, make sure to look a bit closer. If it's got a misprint you might find yourself with some extra spending money this Christmas.

That's apparently what happened to Gail Meikle, from Bromborough Pool in Merseyside. She found what seemed to be a misprinted five pound note, and then sold it for a whopping £1,699 on eBay. Amazingly that number came from a single bid.

The listing said, "Very Rare £5 note, printing error just below queens head, a line of 5’s below line and other out of linements, AK09. Wxcellent condition, passed 2 hands, no marks, slight soft crease only but very good condition.”

It turns out collectors have been trying to get their hands on certain serial numbers, like early ones beginning with AA or AK47. A quick search on eBay shows asking prices in excess of what the notes are worth, and many of them (surprisingly) have a number of bids. At the time of writing nothing is going for quite as much as £1,699, though one seller failed to get £2,500 for a note with an "uncirculated" serial number.

Meikle hopes that the single near £1,700 big is legitimate, saying that it would "end 2016 on a high" after a bowel cancer diagnosis earlier this year. She intends to put the money towards a 'dream Christmas' with her daughter and granddaughter.

So next time you're using your fiver to play the records you pulled out of your dad's garage, make sure to give it a proper look over. It might be worth a little bit more than a fiver, even after those pesky eBay fees. [Liverpool Echo]

Image: Liverpool Echo