This NES Controller Notebook is the Perfect Place to Jot Down Cheat Codes

By Andrew Liszewski on at

ThinkGeek’s timing could’ve been better with this 240-page notebook inspired by the NES console’s boxy controllers. It would have been the perfect place to write down level codes, cheats, or draw out maps to help you navigate Metroid’s endless caves and caverns — when you were eight years old. But hey, it’s never too late.

This NES Controller Notebook Is the Perfect Place to Jot Down Cheat Codes

The geeky notebook is a fun alternative to a boring Moleskine, with a repeating NES controller pattern on the notebook’s inside covers, and three-dimensional buttons on the outside making it almost look like a working controller. But for $25 (£20.52) there are no cables, no Bluetooth, and no electronics that would make it anything more than a journal for jotting notes. [ThinkGeek]