Three and ZTE's Bizarre 'Unicorn' Cab Service Whips up a Storm

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Knowing full well that when Londoners aren’t complaining about politics or sucking on avocados, they’re a bunch of posing, infantile imbeciles, Three and ZTE decided to team up for a promotional stunt involving horses dressed as colourful unicorns, strapped up to carriages.

They’ve been transporting people to work this week, as part of a silly free service called Unicabs. A quick glance at the hashtag #MagicTogether tells you all you need to know about the people who’ve been using it.

However, not everyone’s fallen head over heels in love with the sickly sweet campaign. London Vegan Rights has spoken out against Unicabs, declaring the streets of London a ‘dangerous’ place for horses dressed in multi-coloured garb.

“[Three and ZTE] will be forcing the horses to give rides to people on some of the busiest roads in London at one of the busiest times with the most traffic,” the group wrote in a Facebook post. “It’s already bad enough that they have made jokes out of them by dressing then in the most ridiculous outfits. I cannot even begin to explain how stressful this all is to a horse and so so so far from a natural environment.”

They do look pretty ridiculous.

The two companies behind Unicabs have cooked up their own joint statement, saying:

We apologise for any offense this campaign may have caused. To provide more context: Three UK and ZTE worked with Westway Carriage Horses Ltd and Equidivine to deliver this service to the public.
The horses pull carriages carrying members of the public on a daily basis and provide a regular service in London.
All products used to dress the horses are supplied by a specialist horse grooming company and are 100% safe to use on animals.
The horses worked for less than four hours in total, were given regular breaks to rest, eat and drink, and their welfare was the utmost priority for all involved.

Unicabs’ final ride takes place later this morning, and what a relief that is. [Metro]