UK Government Said to Have Banned Apple Watch From Meetings

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bizarre claim that the Apple Watch could be and might well have been hacked open by Russian spies has led to the devices being banned from critical UK cabinet meetings, amid fears other countries could eavesdrop on the sounds of foreheads being hit into tables and the masses of sighing being done by our political leaders.

The report originates in the Telegraph, which says the Watch has been banned over "fears" that it could potentially be hacked rather than any actual evidence of the Russians using it to monitor the lives of bored rich people -- perhaps it's just a general mistrust of foreign people seeping into the top ranks of society.

The paper has even supplied an anonymous quote from someone inside the government, who said: "The Russians are trying to hack everything" as a justification for the ban, leading the existing restriction on smartphones inside high ranking government get togethers to be extended to the smarter types of wearable. [Telegraph]

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