UK Set to Pay Up To £379 More Than the US for the New MacBook Pro

By James O Malley on at

The UK pricing for the Macbook Pro has been announced - and it appears that British customers are being hit in the wallet. Again.

The lowest configuration, the 13-inch (sans Touch Bar) is set to cost £1449 - compared to $1499 in the US - that works out at £1231. That's £218 more expensive.

The 13-inch with with Touch Bar starts at £1749. In the US it is $1799 - or £1477. That's £272 more expensive.

And the top-end 15-inch model starts at £2349, whereas in the US it costs $2399 - that's £1970. That's a massive £379 more expensive.

The analogy isn't completely perfect as each US state applies its own sales tax on top of the US price stated by Apple - but this is generally much lower than UK VAT (20%), at around 5 or 6%. If you buy the highest end MacBook Pro in New York with its 8.875% sales tax, it works out at around £50 less than the UK - but if you buy in Delaware is famous for having 0% sales tax - so if you buy the highest-end new MacBook Pro there, or in Montana, New Hampshire or Oregon you will end up paying £379 less than the UK price.


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Update: Clarified the US sales tax situation. We perhaps jumped the gun on blaming Brexit - as the rise could arguably also be attributed to sales tax.

It has also emerged that, annoyingly for British consumers, Apple has also quietly hiked the prices on a number of older products - including slapping an extra £500 on to the three year old Mac Pro. Oh dear.