Undersea Cable-laying Work Finds Sunken WWI U-boat

By Gary Cutlack on at

A German U-boat thought to have been sunk by HMS Coreopsis back in 1918 has been discovered by a power company laying cables off the coast of Scotland.

The U-boat, if it is indeed the UB-85 as thought, comes with a bizarre history. The captain of the vessel and his crew abandoned ship and was captured by the crew of the Coreopsis, whereupon he told them his sub was attacked by a sea monster with huge teeth, a battle that left the sub so damaged that it was unable to submerge itself and escape.

Naval historians don't believe that tale, as you might expect, telling a more believable version of events that says it was caught on the surface recharging its batteries by the Coreopsis and made a hash of the hurried attempt at a submerge -- and its crew was left with no option but to surrender or be sent down with the vessel.

Peter Roper from Scottish Power said: "The images we get back from the subsea scans are incredibly detailed, but we obviously need to be aware of what lies beneath before we can start laying a power cable. In all the years I have been building power lines, I can say that this is the most extraordinary discovery." [BBC]

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