Wi-Fi to Double in Max Speeds to Assist Streaming Games to Your Face

By Gary Cutlack on at

A much faster form of Wi-Fi is on the way to the homes of anyone who wants to shell out for a new router, with the WiGig format entering the certification phase ahead of inclusion in the poshest of phones, laptops and dongles next year.

As the name suggests, it doubles the capacity of Wi-Fi to multi-gigabit speeds, with one of the key sellers being a need for wireless systems that can smash about huge amounts of data so that the VR nerds can flail about cuddling CG kittens unencumbered by cabling.

The simultaneous streaming of UHD content is another reason we all need faster Wi-Fi according to the Alliance, although it won't be of much use to anyone struggling to get their internet connections to go faster than 6.9Mbps.

The slight downer to all this massive speed is that there's little increase in range, so people with home office sheds at the bottom of the garden will need to dig a bit of cable through the lawn as the current spec proposes a 10m maximum range. Which will at least limit the number of neighbours that can try to leech it. [Wi-Fi Alliance via The Verge]

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