Forget Alton Towers – A Jetpack Theme Park Could Open in the UK in 2017

By Gary Cutlack on at

A UK business hopes to be the first to launch the jetpack in the UK, with a plan to open a sort of adventure park ride for jetpacks open to anyone with lots of money and a thirst for potential spinal injuries.

It's the dream of long-time jetpack developer JetPack Aviation, which says it'll be ready to let untrained monkeys like us flail about on one from early 2017. Of course, they won't be in shops or the sort of thing you can take home and play with in the garden, as that'd be a bit too risky.

The idea is to open a series of JetPack Top Gun experience spots around the UK, where bored executives, long tired of the thrill of paintball and prostitutes, will be able to hire the place out, strap on a jetpack and live the personal flying dream using one of the company's existing JB-10 JetPack units that really do work.

They just need to find somewhere with a sympathetic local council that's OK with the idea of hungover rich kids smashing about in the sky on dangerous equipment.

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