You Can Now Shop With the Amazon Echo

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Amazon Echo has finally arrived in the UK, opening up all those voice-activated features for everyone on this side of the Atlantic. To celebrate the availability of the new Echo Dot, Amazon is letting Prime members use the gadget to do their shopping.

The examples Amazon uses are "order dog food", "order paper towels", and "order Lego". Once you've told the device what you need, it'll find relevant products in the Amazon system, apply relevant discounts, and make sure they're eligible for Prime's next-day delivery. A simple "yes" will confirm the order for you.

Once your order has gone through, asking the Alex virtual assistant "where's my stuff?" will give you a delivery estimate.

Amazon also revealed Echo Spatial Perception, designed for people with more than one Echo speaker in their home. It's meant to ensure the correct speaker responds to your voice, by calculating the clarity of the user's voice and working out which Echo is closest. [Amazon via Engadget]