2016's X Factor Winner Won't Get a Physical CD for the Mantelpiece

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whatever dirge-like power ballad the winner of this year's X Factor ends up pumping out for the sub-Adele market this Christmas won't be arriving on CD, as the talent competition has decided it's time to go digital only for its annual promotional attack on the pop charts.

The good news is that the winner's single will be available instantly in digital formats as soon as the programme announces the result of the final vote, so the lack of a physical CD is only going to impact legacy music lovers who've not yet moved over to Spotify, iTunes or some other more modern way of doing things.

Besides, hopefully the Inspiral Carpets will beat the X Factor's drivel to the Christmas number one spot instead anyway, as this year's most worthy anti-establishment effort sees a push to get the band's 90s smash Saturn 5 to the top of the charts as a memorial to recently departed member Craig Gill.

Or it might be the music off that advert with the dog. Good job the charts don't mean anything any more. [The Chart Company via Digital Spy]

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