3 Gadgets to Make Your Keyring Smarter

By James O Malley on at

When you go out, what are the three essentially? The answer is your phone, your wallet and your keys, of course. We know that phones are getting smarter, on the basis that there’s a strong chance that you’re reading this on a phone right now. Wallets are getting smarter: Apple has said that it’s intention is to eliminate the wallet, by integrating all of the cash and cards you carry into things that can be done on a phone.

So what about your keys?

Yes, smart locks are slowly becoming a thing, but that still seems a fairly distant prospect for most people. So in the meantime, we have to lug around some extra lumps of metal. But don’t be too sad - as this also makes for a great opportunity to add some tiny, useful gadgets to your person.

Tile Mate

The concept behind Tile is simple: You attach it to your keys… and you’ll never lose them again. The small chip, for lack of a better word connects to your phone using low energy bluetooth signals. Strap it to something you don’t want to lose - whether your keys, wallet or children, and you can easily hunt it down again using an app on your phone.

You can even make it play a tone to help you find it down the back of the sofa, or you can tell it to trigger something on your phone when you press the button on it.

If your tile goes really far afield, you can mark it as lost and then if any other Tile users detect your missing Tile, it’ll (securely and privately) phone home.

Now is a particularly good time to buy, as the company has just released a smaller version of the original, called the Tile Mate, so it’s now only around the size of a 50 pence coin. You can buy it now for just £23 for one - or grab a pack of four for £65.

AirCharge Keyring Charger

Wireless charging is increasingly standard on phones - but the standard is still not universal (looking at you, Apple). But this is where AirCharge has come up with something genius: If you still want the convenience of wireless charging, simply add an AirCharge wireless charger to your keyring, When you get to wireless charging spot, simply unhook the short cable that is curled around the edge and plug into your phone’s charging port. And yes, they do an iPhone version.

What’s particularly neat from a design point of view is that the short cable is connected in the design to the clasp that keeps the charger hooked to the keyring - so that when you unspool, it’ll gracefully disconnect from your keys. Brilliant.

The keyring is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter - for only £25.


Have you ever wanted to check the temperature where you are right now? Perhaps you don’t trust what those government shills in the Met Office are telling you about the likelihood of rain. Or perhaps you just want to prove how damn cold it gets where you live in the winter.

And this is where Thermodo comes in. A tiny tube-like device, it plugs into your 3.5mm jack and using the Thermodo app will relay the temperature around you. It’ll take a minute to settle when you first fire it up - and in the app, you can configure it to account for any device heat that may be distorting things. And don’t worry iPhone 7 owners - it does also work with the iPhone 7’s 3.5mm adapter.

You can grab the platinum model now for $39.99 (about £32).