4K Netflix Now an Option on Windows 10

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix is now bringing its own brand of ULTRA HD 4K resolution material to users on Windows 10, but there's a catch. You need to be using a very modern processor and, er, Microsoft Edge. Probably best to stick with what you've got a move a bit further away from the screen.

It would appear to be a money-motivated promotional thing for now, as Microsoft's Windows blog is selling this as an exclusive, one that requires a 7th Gen Intel chipset to even work -- that's something built around the more efficient 14nm Kaby Lake framework. The Kaby Lake series has only just gone on sale, so it would appear Microsoft and/or Intel are trying to use Netflix UHD as a selling point for the new hardware, as if people might buy a new laptop or desktop to unlock 4K material.

Which could happen. Getting people to use Edge as their browser's a bit more of a longshot, though. The right subscription, a 4K monitor, and an internet connection of a bit more than 2.9Mbps are also needed, further limiting the chances that anyone's actually likely to be doing this tonight.  [Windows]

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