A Different Samsung Phone Reportedly Explodes 

By Sophie Kleeman on at

Yet another Samsung device may be running into problems. According to local news reports, a Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone caught fire in Pau, France over the weekend.

Lamya Bouyirdane, the phone’s owner, told the Associated Press that she realised something was wrong after she asked her four-year-old son to pick it up. She apparently tossed the phone elsewhere after noticing it had “swollen up” and was coughing up smoke. The phone then caught fire and the back blew off. Bouyirdane’s partner was able to put the fire out before anyone in the family—the couple has three small children—was seriously injured.

“We’ll go complain to the police [on Monday],” Omari told the AFP. “My son could have lost his hand. People must be warned!”

The couple apparently bought the phone in June 2016 and had previously brought it to Morocco—“where it was very hot”—with no problems. The Galaxy J5 launched in July 2015 along with the J7, and it was pegged as a solid budget smartphone.

Samsung, as you probably know, has been having a rough go of it lately. The company is still dealing with the fallout from its summer of problems with its Note 7 smartphone, which it permanently killed after recalling millions of devices because the phone kept spontaneously bursting into flames. The company reported it will lose billions of dollars because of the debacle. Last week, the company recalled 2.8 million washing machines because of safety and injury issues.

We’ve reached out to Samsung for comment on the J5 explosion claims, and we’ll update if we hear back. [Associated Press]