A Martian Show Home Has Opened in London

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Anyone out there with dreams of escaping planet Earth because of, well, everything, can get a taste of what life in a different area of the galaxy could be like by paying a visit to the Martian show home that’s just opened up in the capital.

Designed by astronomers at the Royal Observatory and author of How We'll Live On Mars Stephen Petranek, the igloo-like structure is (this is the bit where you use your imagination) supposed to be built from bricks of Martian soil combined with bits of recycled spacecraft.

A double air-locked entrance keeps the place pressurised, 10-12ft-thick walls keep cosmic rays at bay and underground tunnels leading straight to your Martian neighbours’ houses ensure you won’t need to venture out into the dangerous outdoors.

“We don’t think of our houses as things that keep us alive, but on Mars your dwelling will be a survival centre,” said Petranek. “10 to 20 years from now there will certainly be people on Mars. We’ve had the technology for 30 years to do this, but we haven’t had the will.

“I think we will create a very liveable and likeable environment. It’s not terrifying. It’s kind of glorious.”

The Mars show home was created to celebrate upcoming six-part National Geographic show Mars, and will be on display until November 16th. [Telegraph]