Escaping Americans Crash Canadian Immigration Site

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada web portal is taking ages to load right now and was offline for large chunks of this morning, with the outage most likely to have been caused by anxious liberal Americans inadvertently DDoS-ing it by seeing if they're allowed to move there permanently this afternoon if they print out the forms and get a passport photo taken right away.

Or it might just be a massive coincidence that the easiest place for US citizens to escape to crashed at the exact same time the election results started to filter through, we'll never know. The site tells people how to move to Canada for either short visits or permanent escapes from worrying new regimes, a bit like how we all pondered legally becoming Irish for a weekend back in June.

If you're American and wondering; no, speaking French is not required, and yes, they still drive on the right, so you can bring your stupid truck over. [BBC]