BA to Squeeze 52 More Passengers on Some 777 Routes

By Gary Cutlack on at

British Airways thinks it can get loads more people on an aeroplane, by rejigging the internals of some of its Boeing 777s to increase the number of seats on an economy row from nine to ten.

That would boost the passenger seating in the affordable end from 280 to 332, with the configuration designed specifically for planes serving Gatwick. Perhaps people down there are thinner. And we've also just learned a new word courtesy of BA -- "densified". Some of the flier's A320 planes operating from Heathrow will be similarly densified too, with maximum seating capacity increasing from 168 to 180.

But there's some good news for people sitting in the densified to the max 777s, as BA said: "As part of the update, we will also be fitting new entertainment systems with bigger screens," which should stop everyone moaning and tutting at the knee and elbow incursions of the people sitting next to them.

To further stop people from having to do anything other than look at their telephones, BA said it's to start testing automated boarding gates as well. [Twitter vias Telegraph]

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