Barclaycard Teases Credit Card With 'Off Switch' to Prevent Drunken Shopping

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Financially irresponsible fools with absolutely no self-control will be pleased to hear that Barclaycard might be working on a credit card with usage restrictions.

The card could reportedly prevent people from spending anything between certain hours of the day -- or night, if you’re a drunken splurger -- or introduce a temporary cap to stop you from pissing away your cash on that thing that you want that’s really expensive but on offer but still really expensive.

Though the firm hasn’t confirmed that it’s working on such a product, Barclaycard managing director says it’s something to investigate.

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“One of the things we have been investigating is the potential for people to be able to turn on and off facilities in relation to their own spending,” he said. “We are not able to roll that out at this stage. But it is something that potentially we are investigating.”

The scheme would almost certainly be voluntary if it was to launch, with Barclaycard expected to invite customers with a brunch/party costume/cocktail habit to solemnly admit to being really stupid with money and incapable of growing up before getting involved. [Mail Online]