Brighton and Hove Albion Tries to End Neverending Rail Strike

By Gary Cutlack on at

The big battle between railway franchise Southern and the RMT Union that represents some of its staff is still besieging the expensive bit of the country with rail strikes, but help might be at hand. Brighton and Hove Albion wants to broker peace talks so men can get to the football a bit easier when the trains go back on again.

Brighton and Hove Albion has asked both sides to attend talks at the team's Amex stadium over a pie and a beverage in a plastic cup, and the RMT has agreed. Southern says it's not coming, though, as it's already met the union countless times and the problems aren't arising from the settings of the meetings, and that further meetings are "pointless" unless the RMT yields in its position.

The invitation came in a letter the club's executive director Martin Perry wrote to the transport minister, in which he said: "Rail passengers have suffered enough. They are at risk as a result of this dispute and your urgent intervention is required. We are writing to Southern trains and the RMT along with yourselves and invited you all to a meeting which we will facilitate." [BBC]

Featured image: BBC

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