BT and EE Blocked From Buying More 4G Mobile Data Spectrum

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ofcom's about to do that clever thing it does to make money again, selling off something that doesn't really exist for millions of pounds. Clever Ofcom. And this time it's not letting the newly merged BT and EE super network buy any of its newly released mobile spectrum.

Ofcom's lining up two chunks of spectrum for sale -- a portion of the  2.3 GHz band and the not so widely used 3.4 GHz band. The  2.3 GHz band is of the most interest to bidders and the likes of us, as this is deemed "immediately useable" by the regulator, so today's 4G networks ought to be able to plug it in, or whatever they do, and have it adding bandwidth for customers as soon as the deal to buy some of the air is signed.

And with an eye on the competition worries raised by BT's purchase of mobile network EE, Ofcom has capped the sale of the 2.3 GHz band lump, deciding that with 45 per cent of this chunk of the spectrum already they should both be barred from buying more, in case it leads to them having too much of the mobile data space together at some point in the future. [Ofcom via City AM]

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