Chinese Hackers Pocket Thousands for Cracking Safari, Pixel and Flash

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Chinese bounty-hunting hack-fest has seen some of today's hottest new things -- and Flash -- hacked to pieces once again, with the wunderkinds walking away with a total prize kitty of more than £400,000 for making their hacks public.

The highest profile thing to fall was Google's new Pixel device, with danger-finding collective Qihoo 360 successfully running a remote code execution and taking a bounty of $120,000 for doing so. Google said the bug in Chrome that allowed it in has already been patched, so it was quite an expensive day in the life of the history of the mobile browser.

Other things to get broken included Apple's Safari browser as part of MacOS Sierra, which was ruptured by Pangu Team. The hacking group picked up $80,000 for doing so via a root privilege escalation exploit, with another financial win for Qihoo 360 for taking apart Adobe's Flash. [The Register]

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