Code Two, Someone's Done a Poo (on the London Underground)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Baffling coded announcements on transport systems often have us wondering what they really mean, and now we know. Lists have been compiled and, rather appropriately, a call out for someone to deal with a "code two" on the Underground means it's time for some unlucky cleaner to fetch the bucket and wipe someone's toilet off the platform, seats or stairs.

The list doing the rounds right now contains a complete dictionary of Underground cleaning announcement codes, such as:

Code 1 - Blood

Code 2 - Urine/Faeces

Code 3 - Vomit

Code 4 - Spillage

Code 5 - Broken Glass

Code 6 - Litter

Code 7 - Miscellaneous things or unidentified seepages.

So now you know and can be happy it's not your job to bring the wheelie bucket down the stairs.

It's not just the Underground that has its own secret language to avoid horrifying commuters with stories of what drunk people have just done either, with cruise ships often using the term "Operation Rising Star" to alert staff to the fact that one of the captive retirees onboard has died, with the slightly worrisome "Code Red" being used to describe an outbreak of a serious virus that could infect staff and crew, so everyone must pull their jumpers up over their noses with immediate effect. [Telegraph]