Disney Algorithm Makes Green-Screen Visual Effects Even Easier

By James O Malley on at

Green screen has long been a staple of visual effects - but holy cow is it time consuming if you want to do it well. So it's intriguing to see that Disney's research labs have invented a new algorithm which is apparently even better than having an artist do it manually - and takes only a tenth of the time.

Check out the above video posted by the company to explain how it works. Essentially, all the user has to do is click on some samples of the colours on the shot, and it will then put every single pixel through a series of filters to modify the colours. It'll even get rid of green reflections or haziness, which might result from the actor standing surrounded by green walls.

It's very impressive so do check out the video. What's most impressive is that it has already been built as a plug-in for a major visual effects package, so the technology could already be being used today.