Do You Know Your Marble Arch From Your Bromley-by-Bow?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new app testing your knowledge of London tube stations has popped up on your mainstream app stores, promising to test your understanding -- or caring -- about London's Underground infrastructure.

It's the London Tube Quiz app, and it's out for iOS and Android devices, offering 120 questions on station names. You're given a picture clue to work from, so expect to see an angel for Angel, and perhaps a sobbing goth for Camden Town. A drunk businessman asleep on a bench for Canary Wharf and a hipster who's just been mugged of his iPhone for Shoreditch. And so on.

There are 90 free quizzes to work through then another 30 to pay for if you really want to show off how much you learned about London from that time you went there once for a disastrous job interview, plus there are hints to make it easier if it's a bit tough because loads of new stations have been built since you were priced out of the city. [Android/iOS via Wired]

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