EastEnders Creates Own Plot Hole With Mobile Phone Number Gaffe

By Gary Cutlack on at

EastEnders, which used to be depressing but is now a lighthearted alternative to reality and news, made quite a silly mistake last week. A very modern mistake to do with mobile phones that wouldn't have happened on Coronation Street in the 1950s.

Viewers watching the intrigue surrounding the modern plot device of the screened mobile phone call managed to see behind the fourth wall of TV production for a second or two; noticing that two characters shared the same number, almost as if it isn't real and it was someone from the production team using a stunt number and a phone set to silent from just behind the camera.

It went mad on Twitter where everyone tried to pretend they'd noticed it first, with Matt Cox perhaps winning with this one seeing as he provided screencaptures of the BBC's shame:

Another thing for David Attenborough to tut and sigh about. It was made worse by a storyline involving one of the characters apparently recently returning from overseas, also making nitpicking cleverclogses wonder why he has a UK number. Probably an airport PAYG SIM but none of this is probably canon so there's not too much point analysing it. [Twitter via Metro]