EE and Twitter Launch "Watch with Twitter" as if Everyone Doesn't Already

By Gary Cutlack on at

EE and Twitter have launched a thing they call "Watch with Twitter" -- a Twitter app for smart TVs that lets people see what programmes are trending, live, presumably so they can then switch over to see something that's not as good as everyone says.

Obviously this also means you need to be doing your sedentary live broadcast consumption via an EE TV set top box, and reality of the system appears to be a little Twitter icon on the EPG. EE explains how it works with: "Using data directly from Twitter UK, up to five of the highest trending live shows are highlighted in the EE TV electronic programme guide, and throughout the EE TV interface, with the Twitter logo in real time, as well as programmes starting in the next hour."

When watching the programme the hashtags generated by popular programmes will pop up too, adding to the feeling that there are more important things to be doing than sitting there watching TV.

If you missed something from the last 24 hours, EE's also boosting its Replay caching system -- adding two more SD channels to its buffering tool.

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