EE Pisses Over Sky Mobile Parade With O2 Coverage Jibes [Updated]

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Following the official announcement of the super-flexible Sky Mobile, EE has stuck the boot into O2’s mobile network, which Sky will piggyback off.

“We’ve had a few queries about Sky’s launch so we thought you might be interested to see how O2, who Sky will be running on, has been performing in recent independent network tests,” the company wrote in a message, referencing a selection of test results from OpenSignal, RootMetrics, P3 Group and Ofcom.

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“As you can see, these reports have shown slow speeds and overall poor performance, particularly in the case of streaming video,” the message continues. “Ofcom’s recent Smartphone Cities report showed that videos failed to load in high definition or at all on O2’s network in London around 30% of the time, so customers on O2/Sky will suffer more network failures when watching anything from sport to film on the go than on any other network.

“Sky Mobile customers clearly won’t be getting the best experience, and O2 customers will likely see their service slow down even more as Sky customers use O2’s network.”

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Cue playground-style jeering. It’s the welcome Sky perhaps should have been expecting, with arch-rival BT the current owner of EE. As EE points out, O2’s mobile network hasn’t performed especially well in recent independent tests, ranking poorly almost across the board. EE, meanwhile, has done rather well.

You can pre-register for Sky Mobile now, with the network set to officially launch in the New Year.

13:25 UPDATE: An O2 spokesperson has responded to EE's barbs with the following:

Sour grapes are often served up by a rattled rival. At O2, we focus on improving coverage and reliability -- this approach has been recognised by customers of uSwitch who awarded us Best Network Coverage for 2016. We deliver on our customers' expectations and enhance our network based on their feedback which is why we have the lowest churn in the industry and the most loyal customers amongst our competitors. We made a £2m investment in the network each day over the last quarter and this continues, helping to improve and expand our network through our modernisation program and allowing our customers to have the best possible experience with O2.