Fake Google Swaps Out "G" for "ɢ" to Trick Users

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's something that will hopefully work in your browser -- ɢoogle.com. That weird little capital 'G' is a special character that's special enough to be encoded in URLs, meaning some poor people might be visiting the wrong Google and handing over all their weird internet sex search terms to blackmailers.

It's not entirely clear how this is a bad thing, but it probably is. Go to the pretend wrong-g Google and it's a grammatically baffling collection of spam links and sales that is unlikely to fool anyone, and nothing bad has happened to my computer at time of writing and the tab's been open for 20 minutes. I haven't checked my bank account yet, mind.

The trick uses Unicode character 0262 to swap out the "G" for the "ɢ" in Google, a character's that usually only used in complex other language domain addresses. This one actually leads to xn--oogle-wmc.com -- somewhere you probably shouldn't go unless you want to suddenly find yourself with a selection of unwanted toolbars all over your browser and adverts that will never go away. [TNW via Ubergizmo]

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