Ford Hires Saboteurs to Break Cars on Purpose

By Gary Cutlack on at

Car company Ford says it's been using some staff to take on the role of "Gremlins" within the business -- asking them to deliberately install parts of its cars the wrong way round and not tight enough so it can check how well everyone's scrutinising the finished articles. Oh so clever.

This scheme runs in parallel with its Vision System tech, a system that photographs the entirety of the 400,000 cars and vans it puts together in its facilities in Valencia, testing that, yes, the steering wheel is tight enough and on the right side of the car.

Ford management thinks its staff are over the moon about being checked up on in such a manner, with technical specialist Xabier Garciandia saying: "The Vision System is crucial to ensuring every single part of each vehicle is just right. The 'Gremlin Test' means we can ensure that system is working perfectly.  It is a game with a very serious point. The team are really excited when they find one of our parts and all the time we are making them harder to spot."

Oh yes, the workers must really love finding things that have been deliberately done wrong. Must make their day to have to fix something like that.

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