Glasgow Uni Offers Chance to Study the Teachings of Homer (Simpson)

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some cartoon people are about to be used to give students an easy grounding in the art of philosophy, with a course titled "D’oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy" ready to launch this January.

The University of Glasgow is offering the course alongside others that examine Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell, saying: "Aristotle, Kant, Marx, Camus, and many other great thinkers’ ideas are represented in what is arguably the purest of philosophical forms: the comic cartoon. This day-school will explore some of philosophy’s most inspiring ideas as presented in Matt Groening’s monument to the absurdities of human existence."

And it only costs £30 and lasts just a day, so is in keeping with Homer's modern form of lethargy and get-smart-quick schemes.

Philosophy tutor John Donaldson is organising the course, and explained: "Matt Groening, the man behind The Simpsons, was a student of philosophy, and that comes through in each episode. The Simpsons is a very sophisticated work of popular culture, with a broad scope and depth, and is full of philosophical themes." [University of Glasgow via Glasgow Live]

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