Google's AI Experiments go Public

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's put together a big sort of advert for its experiments in the AI world, showing us what sort of things the machines and artificial people are doing on the internet all day now.

The AI Experiments site isn't hugely thrilling as there's no AI to talk to or machine to get to know you. It's a series of embedded YouTube clips showing off some of the things Google says its machines and AIs have learned to do all by themselves with just a bit of guidance from the planet's highest-functioning nerds, including stuff like recognising the songs of bird species, organising sounds into drum loops and trying to guess what a person is drawing for a one-player future version of Draw Something.

Here's the infinite drumming thing, which is quite interesting:

Aphex Twin ought to be worried. If you like the look of them you can download the code for some of the experiments and... delete the code as it's probably too hard to understand and if you change anything it'll just break. [AI Experiments via Mashable]

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