Hillary Clinton's Popularity Falls Among Urinating Men Demographic

By Gary Cutlack on at

A company called Captive Media, which creates interactive experiences (and adverts) designed to be enjoyed while men do a wee in pub toilets equipped with its urinal screens, claims to have uncovered a new trend in the US political campaign. Drunk men having a wee are now more likely to want to wee on Hillary than Trump, signalling an apparent recent fall in popularity.

Here's the unpopularity trend lines, as generated by the urine-controlled game. High is bad, as it means men are weeing their displeasure in the candidate's direction:


So that's drunk men in public toilets really getting angry about emails, and wanting to voice their displeasure by using their urine stream to direct tomatoes into the face of Hillary Clinton. At least it's getting people excited about voting, even if streams of urine don't officially count this time around.

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