HTC Planning Vive VR Arcades

By Gary Cutlack on at

HTC thinks VR might be the way to save the arcades, if indeed there are any arcades still left to save, with the maker of the Vive headset revealing its plan to let developers tweak their VR titles in a way that's friendly with the idea of spending £2 for several minutes of dislocating fun.

The company revealed its idea at the 2016 VR Developers Conference in San Francisco, where it said that an initial two titles -- The Brookhaven Experiment and near-death survival climber Everest VR -- are to appear within the newly launched Arcade section of its Viveport VR app framework and shop, licensed for public display.

HTC says the move is for "... increasing access to high-end VR and giving developers more opportunities to distribute their content," which should, in reality, mean HTC Vive pods popping up in chip shops and outside supermarkets next to the Postman Pat ride-on machines, so dad can have a bit of fun too.

HTC says gamers in Europe and the US should start to see the first of such public VR spots opening up before the end of the year, should you be OK with putting your face where someone else's face has just been and confident enough that no one's going to nick your bag while you're under VR hypnotic regression. [Viveport via The Verge]

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