Internet Euthanasia Promised by Self-Deletion Site

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you've had enough of Black Friday, Top Gear, politics, and the stresses of having to think of something funny to say about a photograph of a motionless cat, help is at hand. A new tool claims it can help you delete yourself from the entire internet, leaving you with a fresh online presence you can start again with, perhaps under your real name this time. Or leave blank.

It's called and it works in conjunction with a Google account to see where you've created accounts for things, populating a list of accounts you can either pin to keep or add to a delete queue for processing. Sadly that's the end of the auto-destruct automation, as once you've sorted through everything the real work begins.

It redirects you to each service's account page, from where you have to try to remember the password you used for the Sony Entertainment Network six years ago, log in, then somehow manage to convince it to delete your presence. So it's not just a big red DELETE button after all; there's plenty of time for remorse and to convince yourself that you still might one day need your old Formspring account. [ via Huffington Post]

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