It Might Actually Be Safe to Venture Outside Today

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

It appears that members of the public have finally clocked on to this unusual new thing called the internet, and are using it to hunt for Black Friday bargains.

Argos chief executive officer John Rogers says he expects the store to take significantly more online orders today than it did last Black Friday. He told BBC Radio 4’s Today show that Argos recorded 500,000 website visits between midnight and 1am this morning -- up 50% on last year’s figure.

He added that Argos expects to take at least 70% of its orders online today compared with 50% on a regular, less hellish day.

Currys PC World’s website, on the other hand, had a bit of a wobble in the early hours, with angry shoppers complaining about its Black Friday 2016 deals crashing. The company has confirmed it had “experienced a few issues for a short period of 15 minutes”, with a spokeswoman adding “We’ve already seen over half a million visitors to the site between midnight and 6am this morning (with orders up 40% for the same period last year).”

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Meanwhile, the Guardian reports unexpectedly short queues at the various supermarkets its reporters were sent to. I popped across to my local Black Friday deals-toting Three Store at Liverpool Street this morning and was the only customer in there. The Carphone Warehouse nearby was also dead. The pub down the road wasn't. Just kidding, it was. [Guardian]