It's a Telly... It's a Tablet... It's the Virgin Media TellyTablet

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

This morning, Virgin Media created history. The company has invented the TellyTablet, a device that might be described as a 14-inch tablet with a HD display and a pair of USB ports. Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

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According to the company, “it brings customers the flexibility to watch the shows they love with the same up close viewing experience as a 50” television – whether that’s in the kitchen, the bedroom or side-by-side with the big screen in their living room.”

The Android Marshmallow-running handset naturally comes pre-loaded with Virgin software, including the Virgin TV Anywhere app, which lets you watch Virgin TV V6 box recordings on the go. The firm adds that it’s “been designed for viewing Virgin TV’s range of apps”. It would be a touch embarrassing if it wasn’t, really.

As well as the giant screen, it also features four speakers, 32GB of internal storage that can be boosted through the MicroSD slot, two USB ports, an in-built stand and a claimed 7-8 hours of battery life.

The TellyTablet will be available for a one-off payment of £299 next month, though if you need a handset too, you can spread the cost over 24 months through a Freestyle mobile bundle (table above).