Japanese Frozen Fish Ice Rink Theme Park Horrifies Local Skaters

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Japanese theme park has outraged its guests with its latest exhibition, in which it decided a pretty thing to do with an ice rink would be to freeze fish into the surface to make a pretty and educational wintery experience -- OF DEATH.

It's part of the Space World theme park in Kitakyushu, which used 5,000 fish in the making of the surface art. It was -- because they closed it now -- called the Aquarium of Ice, a thing designed to educate people about sea life by letting them laugh and dance over the bodies of suspended dead ones.

The good news is that the fish weren't frozen into position while still alive, as you can probably tell by the smart way they're all arranged. The park bought loads of specimens from a seafood market and held them in place with wires, then froze them into place. So it's not really any worse that having fish and chips, and certainly much less offensive to nature than Japan's "scientific" whaling experiments. So in summary; fuss about nothing. [Shortlist]

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