John Lewis Christmas Ads Recreated Out of Lego Are Better Than the Real Thing

By Kim Snaith on at

For years, the only Christmas advert that mattered was the Coca Cola one. When you saw those big red lorries and heard the holidays-are-comin' jingle kick in, that was it; Christmas had officially started. Now though, Coca Cola has been demoted. It's the John Lewis Christmas adverts that everybody talks about at this time of the year.

With a different theme every winter, there's no recurrent symbolism in the retail giant's adverts. Rather, each year is a separate mini-story that's designed to pull at our heartstrings in some way or another. This year we have Buster the Boxer dog with his love of the trampoline. Before that in 2015 was 'The Man on the Moon', and Monty the Penguin in 2014.

In fact, this year marks the fifth year of John Lewis' iconic Christmas advertising campaigns (2013 was 'The Bear and the Hare', and 2012 was 'The Snowman's Journey'). To celebrate their five year anniversary, John Lewis have enlisted the help of Bright Bricks, a Lego building company, to recreate each of the adverts – in Lego form.

Check 'em out – they're wonders to behold:

The five dioramas took seven expert Lego builders a total of 116 hours to build, with 9,400 Lego bricks being used in total. The Bear and the Hare used the most, requiring 2,400 bricks in total. Despite only having 1,700 bricks, the Man on the Moon display took the longest – a whopping 33 hours. That's some serious dedication, but their hard work has paid off.

You can see the Lego mastery in action in the time lapse video below:

The full set of five recreations are on display at John Lewis' flagship Oxford Street store from now until Christmas if you want to go gawp in amazement, and be jealous that you can't create anything more inspiring than a square house out of your own Lego bricks. Or perhaps that's just me?

If you want more information, check out the official John Lewis page.