KCL Bans Personal Backups, Suggests Counselling After Enormous Data Loss

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

In a move that won’t do the university’s image any favours, King’s College London management have decided that the best way to respond to a massive IT failure is by banning staff from taking practical action and instead pointing them towards a counsellor.

As The Register reports, KCL suffered an “irretrievable” loss of data when almost all of its computer systems went down last month -- and stayed down for several weeks.

The response from the top? To forbid members of staff from making their own data backups, while asking them to trust in an unspecified “next generation technology” the university is working on which, in the process of replacing the old system, reportedly managed to destroy the backups.

Better yet, the memo includes this incredibly useful nugget of advice: “The Chaplaincy offers a confidential listening service to all staff and students. The Chaplaincy has arranged two special drop-in sessions where people can either speak to a Chaplain 1:1, or share experiences with other people affected.” [The Register]