London Has a Cat Video Festival on Tonight

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Catnip Festival takes place in London tonight, where a selection of DJs will be playing songs to people who like to wear fancy dress and have an interest in cat videos. Has anyone got a direct line for someone at ISIS?

It wouldn't appear to be a complete joke, although it's quite hard to see exactly what the motivation is for the event beneath all the layers of irony. The event says there will be DJ sets, a cabaret, what it describes as a "Meme Gallery" and more, and it would seem that your usual array of circus performers and tattooed ladies will be there too, what with it having a "purrlesque" section where women in skimpy fur costumes might let you pet them for a bit if you look nice and normal enough.

The good news is some money's going to Battersea's famous mixed-species animal shelter at the end of the night, so it's perhaps not quite the worst thing to have ever happened. [Catnip via TimeOut]

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