Look Out Spotify: Amazon Launches Music Unlimited Streaming Service in the UK

By James O Malley on at

A few weeks ago Amazon's Echo voice assistant and speaker system launched in the UK - and now the company wants to give customers more to listen to.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a Spotify and Apple Music style streaming service, which boasts a catalogue of over 40 million songs, and it launches today in the UK.

The new service is not part of Amazon Prime, and will instead cost customers £9.99/month. Prime subscribers will be offered a slight discount though - as the service will cost just £7.99 (or a lump sum £79/year) on top of their existing subscription.

Echo owners are also being made a special offer, to tempt them to switch to Amazon's service. £3.99/month will get you access to Music Unlimited on one single Echo device. You can even sign up to a free trial using the Echo - all you have to say is "Alexa, start my Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial" to begin.

Like its competitors, Amazon is also promising hand-curated playlists and personalised radio stations and the like. The new service isn't to be confused with Amazon's existing Prime Music service - which does come as part of a Prime subscription, but is limited to only around 2 million songs rather than the full catalogues of the record companies.

The company is also boasting about a number of clever voice controls that can be used on the service with the Echo. For example, asking it to play a band's new song will have the Echo intelligently figure out what that new song is, without you needing to remember the title. If you ask it to play party music, it will generate a party playlist based on your listening history.

The new service is available from today, and also has apps available on pretty much everything, and even already has built in support on Sonos too.