Look What They've Done to Toblerone in the UK

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Mondelez International is facing a mountain of fully deserved criticism after increasing the size of the gap between Toblerone’s famous peaks in order to reduce the weight of the chocolate bars.

The company announced upcoming changes to the product last month, writing “We are experiencing higher costs for numerous ingredients,” in a post on the Toblerone Facebook page. “We carry these costs for as long as possible, but to ensure Toblerone remains on-shelf, is affordable and retains the triangular shape, we have had to reduce the weight of just two of our bars in the UK.”

The 400g bar has fallen to 360g, while the 170g bar now weighs 150g. The statement added that the company chose to change the shape of the bar rather than increase its price. However, fans are questioning the decision to stick with the chocolate bar’s existing dimensions.

Instead of increasing the size of the gaps, why didn’t Mondelez just reduce the length of the bar? Everyone would have complained either way, but at least the damn thing would have looked familiar.

Apparently the move has nothing to do with Brexit, though the BBC reports that a Mondelez spokeswoman acknowledged that the foreign exchange rate isn’t favourable right now, and was unable to confirm that the Toblerone change would affect bars sold in other European countries too. [BBC]