MacBook Pro Touchbar Proves Worth With Doom Emulation

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Canadian hacker has had a great idea for what to do with the MacBook Pro's new touchbar -- getting Doom running on it. The aspect ratio isn't ideal but at least the sound is right and it's very recognisably Doom.

As ever, there's a video of it working:

Well, we say "working" -- it's running that's for sure. And you can see it and might conceivably be able to do a level or two, despite the resolution of the Touchbar being a little bit different to what the developers originally envisioned. So it does at least mean the Touchbar has quite a bit of power there for developers to tap into, although there's no information about what FPS it's operating at.

It's the creation of clever modern manĀ Adam Bell, who seems to be quite a source for MacBook Pro Touchbar hacks and developments. [YouTube]

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