Man Wins £10,000 for Writing One Sentence

By Gary Cutlack on at

An entire novel that takes place in the space of one sentence has landed its author a top arts prize, with £10,000 going to extremely jammy workshy writer Mike McCormack.

Only his sentence was quite long, like he accidentally used commas instead of full stops, or doesn't know the difference like half the people on the internet. Solar Bones is the title of the book, and the paperback is 224 pages long, so he's actually put in quite a bit of work to his sentence, even though it might be hard to find a convenient place to put it down for a wee or to get a cup of tea due to its lack of natural breaks.

McCormack told the BBC: "Readers are smart. They're up for it. That was what the people at [book publisher] Tramp Press taught me. There are readers out there and they have been proved right."

Sadly all books will shortly have to be handed over for burning by our new world overlords, so enjoy it while it lasts. [BBC]

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