Marvel's Inhumans are Coming to TV, Not Film

By Tom Pritchard on at

Well this is a bit of surprising (but not totally unexpected) news. Instead of the big-screen debut that was announced a couple of years back, Marvel's Inhumans are coming to television screens next September.

Announced late last night, the new series is part of a partnership between Marvel, the Disney-owned ABC network, and IMAX. Yes the same IMAX that has the giant screens and overpriced cinema tickets. Two episodes of the new series will debut on IMAX screens across the globe, before moving to television.

According to The Hollywood Reporter (via io9), the first season will be eight episodes long and won't be spinning out of Agents of SHIELD.

As I said before, this news isn't entirely unexpected. The fate of the Inhumans film has been in doubt ever since Disney postponed the film in favour of Indiana Jones 5. Plus, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently mentioned something about Inhumans on television, his phrasing didn't quite work with what Agents of SHIELD has already done. While Feige's words could easily have been dismissed as poorly chosen, it seems the resulting speculation wasn't unwarranted.

It has yet to be revealed if the television debut will just be an American thing or if global audiences will get to see everything soon after the IMAX premiere. Given Agents of SHIELD season 4 isn't set to debut in the UK until sometime next year, it wouldn't be surprising if someone decided international fans have to choose between a months-long hiatus and resorting to piracy.

It's no secret that I am in favour of more comics being adapted to the small screen, rather than adapting them into two hours films, but I can't help but worry about some of the problems this decision will lead to.

For starters the integration between the MCU's film and television titles has been atrocious, with the higher-ups offering a number of bullshit excuses as to why the films have completely ignored television characters' existence. It certainly doesn't help that Marvel TV is under the umbrella of Marvel Corporate, while Marvel Studios answers directly to parent company Disney.

The other, and perhaps most important, question is what this means for the casting of Black Bolt - currently the only character confirmed to be in the series. Many fans (myself included) have campaigned for the role to go to Vin Diesel, but does relegating the Inhumans to television mean he's completely out of the picture?

That would be an absolute tragedy. [CBR | io9]