MP Wants to Bring Back BBC One Playing the National Anthem at Closedown... Because Brexit

By James O Malley on at

It appears that the European Union was the only thing stopping Britain from descending into utter insanity.

No, we're not talking about the impending economic disaster, the jittery exchange rates or the massive uncertainty - but the utterly harebrained suggestions made by Tory MPs.

First, there was the stupid idea that post-Brexit we could make passports blue again, instead of a sort-of burgundy colour. Then there was the stupid idea that resurrecting the Royal Yacht could somehow help Britain agree better trade deals.

And now the Telegraph is reporting that another MP wants to inexplicably bring back another long dead aspect of British culture: BBC One playing the national anthem late at night.

If you were too young or tired to ever see this, here's what it looked like:

Andrew Rosindell, who is MP for Romford has tabled an Early Day Motion urging that the corporation should bring back the practice, which ended on the 3rd October 1997 - and that we should all be subjected too a little try-hard patriotism at one in the morning, just before the hand-over to the BBC News Channel.

The motion - which has no legal force and is effectively a petition that MPs can sign - explains "this proud British tradition should be reinstated before the end of 2016, in honor [sic] of Her Majesty’s ninetieth birthday".

Amusingly, it appears that Rosindell is rarely up late enough to stand up and salute the telly himself, as in his motion he refers to "BBC News 24". If he ever watched he'd know that the corporation's news channel dropped that name in April 2008 to become simply the BBC News Channel.

Still, we wish the best of luck to Rosindell, who once defended Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, in his stupid quest. Perhaps after we've got the BBC close down music, the passports and the stupid fucking boat sorted, MPs will finally turn their attention to the economy? [Telegraph]