Night Tube Users Have Been Surprisingly Well-Behaved

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

A grand total of 67 Night Tube crimes have been reported to British Transport Police since the service launched on August 19th, equating to less than one reported crime every 22,000 journeys.

It’s a far cry from what many of us expected ahead of the launch of the booze express. Internal documents obtained in January showed that TfL feared that sex attacks, theft and rowdiness could become major issues. Users have either been behaving themselves, or victims have been far too drunk to notice their coats/bags/kebabs being nicked.

“TfL are investing £3.4 million in new police officers dedicated to the Night Tube,” a spokesman for Mayor Sadiq Khan told the Standard. “The service allows more people to enjoy London’s [ahem, ahem] iconic night life, and also allowing thousands of night-time workers to get back home safely and easily at night. As the Night Tube opens on new lines, ensuring passengers remain safe will continue to be a key priority for the Mayor.”

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The Central, Northern, Victoria and Jubilee lines have already been given the 24-hour treatment, and the Piccadilly line is set to follow suit on December 16th. [Standard]