North Koreans Still Don't Know That Donald Trump Won the American Election

By James O Malley on at

You would think by now that literally everyone on Earth has heard the horrifying news that Donald Trump has been elected the next President of the United States. Even if you haven't switched on the news or looked at your phone, the shrieks of sheer horror coming from everyone are surely loud enough to make you realise that something is up.

But there still might be one place where people don't know what's going on: North Korea. Because of course.

The so-called hermit kingdom is perhaps the most isolated country on the planet, and it strictly controls the media diet of its citizens - so it is very difficult for information to get in and out. And according to Chris Greenway, who works for BBC Monitoring - the arm of the Beeb which monitors foreign broadcasters - state media there still hasn't revealed who has won.

Almost a week on, this is perhaps a little unusual. According to Greenway's tweets, in 2008 the media there took three days to reveal that Barack Obama would be taking over in the Oval Office.

Still, at least when they do finally find out, North Koreans will already have experience dealing with an unhinged autocrat who constantly causes international chaos.

This delay perhaps suggests that the North Korean government don't know quite how to react to the prospect of President Trump - and to be fair to them... neither does anyone else. Since the Korean War in the 1950s, America has been enemy number one for North Korea - but (if you're a fan of wild speculation), but perhaps Trump's election is making those in charge consider more carefully how to react, as the unconventional candidate has so far torn up the rule-book on America's existing alliances.

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