Norway’s Experimental Police Uniform Is Silly and Sort of Scary

By Gizmodo on at

A public backlash has emerged in Norway in response to a proposed police uniform that’s been compared to outfits worn by science fiction villains and totalitarian dictators.

Image: Norway Police

As reported in the BBC, the grey-green “urban camouflage” outfits are designed to replace the black jumpsuits worn by armed officers and those in special units. The new uniforms are designed to help officers “slip more into the crowds,” and are currently being tested by around 100 to 200 officers—a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Norwegian citizens now concerned about the “new” look.

The daily newspaper Aftenposten collected and shared some of the negative reactions to the new uniform on its Facebook page, and the comments are as hilarious as they are perceptive.

Some compared the new outfits to street cleaners’ uniforms, outfits worn by the Gestapo, or something used by the military in North Korea. One Facebook user asked: “The Empire Strikes Back, have they paid royalties to [George] Lucas?”

Too much like these? Some Norwegians seem to think so.

In response, the Norwegian police is assuring people that

It is not yet concluded neither shape or color of the uniform. We are conducting a pilot project in order to gain valuable experience in our continuing efforts to develop uniform police. We will assess the project underway, and decide the way forward by project end.

Given the public’s mocking tone, it’s a good bet the final product will look decidedly different. And who knows, maybe Hollywood will take inspiration. [BBC]