'Only Fools and Horses' Houses Now Selling for Millions

By Gary Cutlack on at

Businesses piling money into the estate used as the backdrop for BBC classic Only Fools and Horses are cashing in on the show's legacy, with the lucky new developer managing to offload a flat next door to the fictional Nelson Mandela House for a staggering £1.1m.

The flat, which is on an estate in South Acton that the BBC thought would be an ideal double for Peckham for some reason, is not one of the original stock featured in the programme. That would be pushing it a bit even for London. The entire area is being rebuilt and rebranded as Acton Gardens, and will feature 2,500 new homes once the regeneration project is complete some time during the next decade.

As you might expect of mercenary old London nowadays, a stack of the new houses are being sold on at inflated prices to new buyers -- hence the £1.1m flagship sale of one of the poshest new builds -- but around half will be kept on as affordable housing for the 5,000 people who currently live in the area to occupy alongside their wealthy new incomers. [Standard]

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