Oxford Researchers Promise Splashback-Free Urinals

By Gary Cutlack on at

A team from Oxford University has been lumbered with looking at ways to minimise the spreading of infections through splashing and spraying, with a lucky side-effect of coming up with something that might stop men splashing wee all over themselves when using a urinal.

On a basic level the system uses a gel or rubber coating to soften impact and minimise piss ricochets, although they were initially looking at the much more serious cases of chemicals vaporising and spreading, plus the risks of infections being sprayed about the place in hospitals.

Professor Alfonso Castrejón-Pita from Oxford's Department of Engineering Science said: "It's surprisingly easy to for droplets to turn into aerosols or sprays when they splash. So if you’re working with dangerous chemicals or biomaterials, it would be helpful to know that you won’t be generating sprays or aerosols if some drops fall, exposing you to diseases or harmful materials."

"And the development of a splash-free urinal would also be welcome," he added, as a nice bombshell at the end of the full paper published by the university's Fluid Lab. [Oxford Times via Digital Trends]

Image: Leonard J Matthews via Flickr

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